2015 ***Motokhana*** Another great event staged by the Queensland Ferrari Club >>>

2015 ***Motokhana*** Another great event staged by the Queensland Ferrari Club >>>


The format was a motokhana >>> where the challenge is not driving so fast ,, but much more with precision and skill !!
Perhaps the most challenging of any day event :-):-)

The various tracks are laid out , starting test 1 with a 100 meter super tight Slalom ended by parking in the cyber Garage  stopping exactly on the line which would in real
Life be the end of the WALL !!
Then bringing various stages of the Lakeside racing circuit into each round culminating in the final 2 timed tests # 4 which included the slalom , various tight corners and medium speed corners on camber ascending and descending, also engaging be 360° skid pan covered with water and diesel , with the view to the final timed >> Test 4 where all of the stages are put together for a total timed lap (Bob is your uncle goes when it comes to test 4 it’s all out gloves off and nail it) safe to say the final two laps are hotly contested !!
Bugger me what a great day >> huge thanks to Leona as always , and the Queensland Ferrari Club . 
Bloody fantastic turnout despite the rain and just a wonderful day spent working on driving skills and sharing the passion , having a great time together , what a day !!

I do remember doing this exactly one year ago whereby I think I finished 2nd to last so much improvement after a year of training and driving including 2 TARGA rally’s , over 20 track days and numerous coaching !!

—- BOOYAA —-

Briefing by the Boss >>>



Around 20 cars came out in the rain , mostly Ferrari but also some other Marque’s , by test 4 only 15 left !!

—-  Happy to have moved from 2nd last in 2014 that’s for sure , still plenty more room to improve —

 See you all next year u bet 🙂