After 7 weeks on a global tour , it’s almost time , 4 days and it’s ON >>>>

After 7 weeks on a global tour , it’s almost time , 4 days and it’s ON >>>>

Sorry for being so absent , a quick update :

Big hello and GEEDAY from the chair back down under 🙂

We left 7 weeks ago on a world tour with 8 countries done in the first 13 days and by the end 20 countries 30 cities and @5-6 continents give or take a few lol .

2 fairly serious accidents along the way which left me without wind in my sails but still oceans to cross so it was a survivable tour but ? NEVER Ever Again :-((

Albeit I did have an amazing time with 2 bucket list boxes now ticked and both were amazing beyond my dreams , many people to thank for allowing me these memories !!!

Arrived home to 660 emails as I had little to no wifi or net whilst on tour , and as a parting gift from Spain I’ve brought an infection home with me which has seen me flat out for the days since arriving home , and now I leave in a few days for Round 1 of the Targa Tasmania Challenge (the most dangerous motor racing event in the world) and its heads up and bum on the chair trying to get ready to fly to Victoria and Mt. Bueller for round 1 , after which I will be having surgery that’s long overdue with many weeks/months in bed and it’s then I’ll be able to catch up on all the emails and so MANY Posts I have waiting :-):-)

Sorry so sorry for the delay but it’s been the biggest 2 months ever and I’m acutely aware of 2 things now ?

1/ I’m getting OLD
2/ the injury term “Progressive” has a new meaning

Thanks for your consideration and understanding I’ll be back to you ASAP !!

Love and best wishes to all :-))

TARGA ROUND 1 >>> just bring it ;-);-);-)

**** More SOON *****