Bugger ? They GOT ME boxed in , I’m DONE 4 >>>>

Bugger ? They GOT ME boxed in , I’m DONE 4 >>>>





Haha just KIDDING , The QPS were , as I’ve always found them…

Simply brilliant in their supervision & direction of the “BASH” start , kudos to all in attendance , in the middle of peak hour Friday traffic they were exemplary in their conduct and service , surely it must have been a logistical nightmare , a big thank you to all QPS officers , they do a truly amazing job and personally , a HUGE thank you for your tireless Service :-):-)


Was that with the planning for 100’s of cars to be starting at the same time in 2 different directions from Suncorp Stadium near the CBD in peak hour traffic , the Variety Club Event had to get the permission of the state minister for disasters , he was worried someone might get run over or there might be a fire , thus the city’s ambulance and acute medical teams where there, as was the fire brigade , but sadly (LOL) it went perfectly and not so much as a scratch.

One joker said maybe they should run over his foot and light his shoes on fire so we could test the measures in place , well he was dressed as a clown so take that in mind , after about .01 of thought ? We decided better him than the minster , you have to laugh 🙂

Just a super high that day , for me , when I’m surrounded with people who are so happy , excited and joyous , it’s infectious , I left feeling so pumped , then add the reality that all this ?

Helps special children ???

That’s pure MAGIC :-):-):-)

One Note : Our Queensland Police are amongst the best civilian policing agency in the world , imho not enough acknowledgement is paid to these officers , they provide the blanket of security and safety we all enjoy , they don’t get enough recognition for their tireless service !!!

Next time you see a QPS officer ? Take 1 mins and THANK them for their service , they pay a heavy toll on their families and themselves doing the jobs that most all of us couldn’t ! They are for the most part underfunded and under resourced yet they put themselves in harm’s way every time they begin their shift , and many times when they are not even working. I’m proud to live in a place where I can enjoy safety and comfort afforded by them :-):-)