KaKa we made it by ….. That much …. BOOYAA Round 2 Tasmania Tarmac Championships >>

KaKa we made it by ….. That much …. BOOYAA Round 2 Tasmania Tarmac Championships >>

Well where do we begin to start , to explain the time between Targa High Country Round 1 …..

And the preparation to see “IF” ???

We could fix the car in time to leave for Tasmania ?? Round 2 ??

I guess we should start , at the Start ;-);-);-)

By the time our SW’s Euromarque “Chariot” made her way from Mt Buller to Melbourne (@4 hours) then had to see “IF & a Big IF at that” we could at least get the car to roll (remember when we left her roadside after “Devils River” Stage the back left wheel was like a front steering wheel on a monster truck and was laying almost horizontal to the car >>> remember thinking ??

That can’t be a good thing can it ?? (just see some posts down where the aforesaid makes more sense) so THEN to bring the truck LOADED with the MASSA , home to Bris-Vegas ? @2000kms ??

Well we did it albeit was a nightmare task she was HOME !!!!

!!!!!YEAH !!!!!

Sadly by the time she finally was home ?? It was only a week or so before Xmas and coincidentally just as I was having surgery therefore trying to get “ANYTHING” Done ??

Was hopeless bedside till Jan 5th :-(:-(

Needing to do so much ??

Yet ?? Stuck in hospital , then in bed 24/7 did not a happy camper make ;-);-)

During that time we had the biggest storm in Brisbane with golf ball size hail in 40 years so when the 5th Jan came ?? 2015 was ready to kick off . First job was to remove the front end so the spoiler could be repaired (was one of the pieces Baxter picked up on the road before we left) ONLY my long time family at MBQ could get this bandaid in place , Roy , John & Pam at MBQ paint and panel shop ROCK … Still ,, they like all panel and paint shops were busier than a 1 legged man @ a butt kicking contest ;-);-)

My wife’s car doesn’t have a single panel that hasn’t hail damage , crazy sick mad storm it was :-(:-(:-(

Bugger was by this stage it was not possible to get repair parts from Italy (4-6 weeks) all was bleak and part of me was trying to accept that we had no chance :-(:-(

No matter how hard I tried ?? I just couldn’t give in , had to find a way , allot of long days and nights , I just couldn’t let everyone who is connected to our initiative of raising $100,000.00 for the SW’s , my son , myself , just had to make it work !!!!!

You little BEAUTY .. With the grace of God (Alex & Kim @ Euromarque) and some of my best mates , all going beyond mate-ship ,, like Mr ADZ (the supplier of all the GOOD Oil) we just refused to give up , we made a commitment to share our journey on INCOGO , move heavens or mountains but we WOULD be on the starting line in Tasmania for Targa Round 2 !!!

To “EVERYONE” who has helped us the word “Thanks” just isn’t enough ;-);-);-)

Most important of all ? Round 2 gives us another chance to raise those much needed $$$$$$ funds for the “Sporting Whellies and Disabled Association” lack of alternatives brings clarity of mind , instead of replacing broken parts ? Which would have been so much easier on so many levels ?

We had to send many of them off to be rebuilt , I think there was like 5 places working of 5 different things many with parts (being rebuilt) Would we make it ???

The metric of success would be bringing ALL the jigsaw pieces back together again …… NUMPTY Dumpty had nothing on us ;-);-);-)

And all before our shipping deadline which loomed precariously over us every day TFS ….. everything needed to be back and installed by the Friday night ….

Coordinating this past week before the truck drop off was intense , very much so , but with help , work , determination and ….. a bit of good OL Fashion LUCK ???

We made it :-):-):-):-)

I’ve never been so happy and so proud of my mates that helped me , you buggers are pure GOLD :-):-):-)

ONYA Boys !!

I was utterly and totally slammed last week , preparing the car to leave for melb so we could then meet her on Tuesday (that’s TODAY BTW) and take her and us to tassie , on a huge ferry in which we would traverse Bass Straight (done that crossing many time in the old hammer boat but she was only a tenth of the size) and B/S is renown for being one of the most in formidable stretches of water on the planet , very poss to have a perfect storm (all the ingredients exist there) . And it did happen to the “sydney to hobart” fleet one year , many perished , some of the worst sea state and conditions on the planet ….. @13 hours at sea steaming toward arrival in Tassie …..

Then only the drive to hellyer gorge :-):-)

Some call it’s ? HELL YER ;-);-)

Despite the chaos of the last week & what happened ? Right in the middle ?!?

—— BAM ——

SIHH opened , that’s what , only the largest Horology industry convention for Richemont that happens once a year in Switzerland soon after 09:00 opening doors ? The aforesaid event brought @150 emails or so , another 150 during the first 24 hours of SIHH !!

…… GEECH …..

Normally I’m following SIHH like a dog on an abattoir ;-);-)

What an AMAZING SHOWING for our brand …. I’m sure with NO doubt , all would have been sold out on the first day … That’s Panerai for ya … Supply will never meet demand , it’s special , the DNA of our brand is unlike any other ..

!!!!!! FORZA Panerai !!!!!!

Well with all that was going on , praise the lord , I’m just so so so happy , as the masa left on truck – >>>

BOOYAA :-):-):-):-)

Amd Baxter and I are in the plane South as I Type :-):-):-)

Deffo one of the craziest weeks of my life … At least now she has gone I can make a stab at my inbox with a view to catching up before we fly out tues am (and as your reading this I have to admit I’m still miles behind on emails) all the last minute stuff kept getting in the way ? Stuff like meds , med supplies , mattress , heck even the bathroom seat (don’t like to share such things like that with anyone , other disabled equipment) to meet the Masa in melbourne at Zagami’s (now that’s a place u could loose all your money and be smiling all the way) Ben mate owe u huge !!!! We would then drive to the port of melbourne and board the “Spirit of Tasmania” 4 the final leg to arrive @ :-):-):-)

were coming —–

Albeit the weeks leading up were tough , it was uber trying to get all the repairs and stuff done , had 5 different things at 5 different places , all needing to come together on the Friday !!!!! After all that’s happened , it’s only made us hungrier and no doubt ?? Appreciative TFS ;-);-);-)

—– Cars + M8’s + Targa = MAGICO —–