Hi, my name is Lachlan Kavanagh and I'm a member of Sporting Wheelies and friends with Hammer. I wouldn’t do anything else without Sporting Wheelies. Sporting Wheelies told me about a sport called boccia, and after a couple of months I was hooked. I meet lots of people who are the same as me and I enjoy playing this sport. I’m fortunate that I have been able to represent Sporting Wheelies in seven National Championships and have also represented Australia. I’m aiming to be a Paralympian for Australia one day.

I’m a regular member of Sporting Wheelies' accessible gym and rehabilitation facility working with staff to build up my body muscle tone to be the best boccia player that I can be and feel good about myself.

Sporting Wheelies means to me all types of disability joining the association so they can find a sport that they can join and enjoy playing it, or build on their muscles and body. The people who work at Sporting Wheelies don’t put limits on you and neither do I……everybody has their best whatever that is and I have found mine.

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