Meet a very “Special” Mate who “Inspires” me 3 times a week ” Walk On’s GEOFF SPRANKLIN >>>

Meet a very “Special” Mate who “Inspires” me 3 times a week ” Walk On’s GEOFF SPRANKLIN >>>



After having a quad-level spinal cord injury in 2007 in my mid-twenties, I wanted to try and better my physical abilities. After being told by therapists that really there wasn’t much that could be done, I was told about the Walk On program hosted by the Sporting Wheelies gym which I joined in mid-2008 and have been part of since. There I found people who had an open mind to my situation, who did not promise anything but did have the philosophy of trying to help and seeing what might happen.

Since my involvement in Walk On I have experienced significant physical gains in strength and stability and in my opinion am in incomparable shape to when I commenced Walk On. The Sporting Wheelies gym is truly a one of a kind facility, with equipment ideally suited to its users, many of who require wheelchairs. In my opinion it truly is the ‘only show in town’ when it comes to a disability specific gym facility. The Sporting Wheelies gym, coupled with the Walk On program has enabled me to unlock my true physical potential since my accident and I am truly indebted to both

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for being able to use the Sporting Wheelies gym, I thank you for your support.