My 1st Race Suit >>> “EVA”

My 1st Race Suit >>> “EVA”

1 Layer Flame Protection … So Excited .. Gotta Love EBay … Worked on finetuning the “Fly By Wire” system today with Keith from KCF rally sports , GR8 job M8 it’s perrrrrrfect , and it’s off to a “Track Day” 05:00 mañana . Please lord , don’t let me CRASH 🙁

(well I need all the help I can get) Go Pro @ the Ready 🙂

Still can NOT believe I’m doing this – I can’t even sit myself up in bed from lying flat, yet I’m piloting a 560HP whip with my hand, insane on my membrane 🙂

Thanks for all the “Support” it means more than you could know, plenty of self-doubt TFS !!

Got bless and let’s ? BURN RUBBER >>>>