One day I woke up…

One day I woke up…

… just like any other day… only this day was to be different… this day… would see all life (a life I’d worked so hard for and loved) as I knew it END so completely and forever, in a split second I’d suffered a spinal cord injury below my neck, a BAD ONE, I often think back to that moment in time and space when everything changed so completely and forever and I wonder were there any signs, or even a feeling, something just odd enough to make me say, be careful, but u know there just wasn’t, it felt and seemed like it would be as any other Thursday, I was wrong about that >>> note to self life is fragile !!

One thing I know now is that life is NOT about what we DON’T have… instead it’s ALL about what we DO HAVE… and that’s where the mind energy and passion must settle and celebrate going forward… that’s the real metric of success 🙂

If the accident has taught me anything… it’s that in this life we can’t just sit back and wait for our “DREAMS” to come to us… we must go forward and make them happen !!

My dream now is to help the “Sporting Wheelies” in their time of need, I’m there 3-4 hours a day and I see with my own eyes where some help… will make a world of difference to so many that have so little… it’s my mission to lead change… changing lives… PLEASE if you could help me make this dream come true? It doesn’t need to be a lot, many hands make light work 🙂

My most heartfelt THANK YOU for your consideration in helping me to help them… we can make a difference together :-))