OT – Well as THIS Lightening will ONLY Strike ONCE >>>> that’s me in the silver hatchback #199 >>>

OT – Well as THIS Lightening will ONLY Strike ONCE >>>> that’s me in the silver hatchback #199 >>>

—- I might as well make the most of it —-

What a great day and one I’ll not forget anytime soon – the Ferrari club hosted a Motokhana RACE event 2 weekends ago ??

I just got the results – almost fell off the wheelchair backwards ;-);-);-)

I won ?

Pretty sure that will NEVER happen again – but does feel *GOOD* to not only be able to race with able bodied drivers – but to beat some ? Bloody Lucky id have to say ? to beat all ? ONCE in a Lifetime TFS :-):-):-)

Firstly have to say a HUGE Millie GRAZIE to the club for the invite to compete and was a beautiful day with great people and motor sports !!

NOW I ask ? 

What would you rather do ? 

On such a beautiful Day in Bris-Vegas ??

The event had around 30 cars competing throughout the day – a motokhana is not like a traditional rolling start or grid start – race event – it’s more a technical test – precision – and adding in a very WET skid pad – very tight track – tight apex’s and if you hit a cone (witches hat) or spin – that’s a — the key is to be “Smooth & Precise” – I was more “Rough & Ready” – but was a great day – and just now when the results came through ? 
I nearly did fall out of the wheelchair ;-);-);-)

I actually WON !!!!!! I guess everyone gets LUCKY once in a lifetime !!!

So the morning kicked off with “Drivers Briefing” you can see 2 of the 3 track layouts ? pretty TIGHT >>>>

And everyone had on their Poker Face or were still half asleep 08:00 I’m OFF with the Unicorns >>>

Ok let’s get this show on the Track >>>

That’s my little Zipper the mini Benz #199 in Silver and Red >>>

Well here’s a look at some of the Fezza’s that were racing >>>>

So soooooo SEXY >>>

Here is a lady whom I Adore and has her own 328 concours beauty & my best mate since I was 13 >>>

MY Little zipper hatchback getting a wash >>>

Well here is the results of the day – was a sea of RED – TFS – the Ferraris were are are so awesome and the club ? Bit like Risti – nothing like you would expect – what a great day for the disabled drivers :-):-)

The new Alfa was FAST – and most of the non Ferrari field were well seasoned and some race built cars – still pinching myself – after 3 years of work , training , competing , getting lessons , track and training days – 6 Targa’s —- I actually won something and that’s not easy being the way I am — and you know. Never gunna happen again so have to tick the box on this one you bet :-):-):-)

TARGA HIGH COUNTRY — just bring it (famous last words) ;-);-)