Round 2 of Targa “Hellyer Gorge” Wrap Up >>>

Round 2 of Targa “Hellyer Gorge” Wrap Up >>>

Bugger , so much to do @ the moment but a quick post about round 2 of the Targa !!

At least know we know how to get the car to Tassmania and we had a BLAST , the “Metric of Success” was having the Car , Navigator and Driver boarding the Spirit of Tassmania ferry at Devonport , exactly as we left , BOOYAA no damaged to any of the aforesaid , we didn’t win , BUT , we didn’t come last either , now comes the REAL challenge , the Final , the one everyone is scared off , could well be that over half of the starters will not cross the finish line after the 7 days . I’ve worked out with the 2 hours in the morning to wake and do all my medical things and get dressed , and the 2 hours every night to use bathroom and shower will mean I’ll be getting about 4 hours sleep an night for the whole week . 

It will challenge me to the edge , but we will try to make it and be one of those who rose to the occasion , battled the elements for a week and , got the , I’ve finished the TARGA medal !!!

Just to be there at the finish ? That’s all I’ve dreamt of , albeit we may set a new world record for the slowest targa tassie entry , but we will finish , and that’s winning in itself for my son and I :-):-):-)

Just completed the most dangerous and hardest motor racing event in the Southern Hemisphere , with 2 arms and a head , son with me , will mean I will hit the wall , many times over , but it’s now or never and I’ve started training so hard  and doing as much track work as I can albeit that doesn’t help allot on a road course with cliffs and trees on one side and rock walls on the other , no gravel pit to run off in or grass to spin out on , one split second lack of concentrating could see the car and us , in a world of pain . 

Ok some action at round 2 >>>


Presentation , yeah we made it :-))))

DREAMING — I know we can never compete with able body drivers who have use of their legs , we drive with the thumb knuckle and about 5mm of throw (0 rpm to9000 rpm in 5mm using the the thumb joint) but we couldnt care less , just finishing is winning for us !!! 

Still … One can DREAM >>>