SWDA & I — Welcome a New SPONSOR – DEFINE & SINN Watches , our Targa Tasmania Partners >>

SWDA & I — Welcome a New SPONSOR – DEFINE & SINN Watches , our Targa Tasmania Partners >>

Talk about sum-thing Special ? 

Its a chance to showcase a GR8 M8 & his Wife (Lydia & Peter of Define watches) , sharing their Amazing “Dedication , Passion & Determination” to bring German Horology to the land down under !!!
And with one of their German brands (a super special one for me , have one on my wrist as I type) SINN …
A brand I know very very well , as I was lucky enough in 2005 to get to tour their factory in Frankfort for a day – we all know German engineering ? Enough said , but SINN represents Imho for what its worth the best sub $5K “Bang for Ya Buck Wristwatch in the World , with watches ranging from specific instruments , timekeeping , casual and business watches and ??
RALLYING Instruments ??
We will come back to their (SINN) roots as the founder was himself a rally driver in his day and as a result they produce a special series of RALLY Instruments !!!!
—- BOOYAA —-
One double set they have donated for us to auction on the Targa , this double set rally timing and time trials instruments are freaking AMAZING (and over $6,000 dollars) !!!!
One lucky person will be taking these home , I love them so much myself I’ll be bidding I know just the place to mount them in the Masa —- fingers crossed !!

Frankfurt-based watch manufacturer, Sinn, has a global reputation as a producer of some of the most technically advanced, functional timepieces on the market. The extensive Sinn range features collections of mechanical watches engineered to meet the needs and demands of modern life.

Define watches is the official distributor of Sinn watches in Australia and New Zealand and offers competitive prices, efficient and friendly service and local service and warranty facilities.

It’s with GREAT Appreciation for their donation of the double “SINN” Rally Instruments – We will carry their signage on our entry and all events going forward with PASSON & PRIDE !!!

Here’s some back story I have to tell , peter and I had meet a couple of times on this and many emails back and forward working on the best outcome for us ALL , and last time we went through the specifics of the signage and all related to that day with regards to our Partnership . We arranged the signs to be made , one of the worlds greatest Horology Bloggers (steve gay) to take images and prepare an article about everything , he will be submitting some to revolution magazine (another post for this for sure to come) Steve lives ALONG way away – and all was set for last Friday – basic timing and the schedule for the interview , all the signage and the hand over of the SINN rally clocks was firmed up about a month before last Friday , then set in stone on the preceding Monday !!

It was going to be a BUSY day , I was up early to prepare the car for the signage , me for the interview (it’s ain’t easy to make me look good , lord knows I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed and a face only a mother could love) all set ready to go BUT ? when I went to start her up , I found ?

The masa was locked ? What Da ??

We had experienced a flat battery once when we were waiting to board the Spirit of Tasmania coming home from Targa Hellyer round 2 , almost missed the boat , we were in the car when battery died , when that happens all doors and trunk LOCK , so no worries there we were in the car (freezing at 05:00 after an hour plus drive to Devonport) but the battery was in the trunk ?

And no key hole for that ?

DOH , that’s were the books are kept also , Madly I directed my number 1 son to set about searching for what I was sure would be an emergency method to open trunk ? Sure as , we found , we opened manually and like a cyclone we THREW all our clothes tools , rally gear , medical bags , etc etc out and opened up the trunk floor to expose the battery which was , able to be jumped and we made the ferry home by ….. That much !!

Happened one other time in my garage and I’d taken her to the dealer to run an overnight diagnostic on any battery drains , some of the RALLY cables are powered & live but the draw I knew was so so minimal it would drain the battery even left for a month . Strange ?

Anyway again we jump starter end her and off she went !!

So when the battery was dead ? I wasnt to concerned yet , called the RACQ who we have roadside assistance with again tried the jump start ONLY ? This time ?

KaKa —-

Nothing – the battery had dropped a cell and she was as dead as I will be if I don’t bring the navigator back with me after the Ultimate Targa Tasmania the way he Left —–

What to do ??

I mean the masa battery was not one so common to find , in Brisbane , I’m sure you can imagine , a frantic call to the dealer who are family to me , Euromarque and we , um , kinda , found a battery , that would give us the cranking Amp we needed . I won’t say where it was acquired from – LOLOL – they put it in a taxi and sent to my house .

Now here is when you just meet a bloke who knocks your socks off ? My RACQ tech said he would come back and fit the new battery , I could never do it in a million years , so he gave me his mobile and I texted him as he requested when the battery would arrive , and he arranged with dispatch to be here when it arrived he then went about not only fitting , BUT , he thought ahead , if we just disconnect the battery ? All the memories in the car would be lost , so he set up a spare power source to power them whilst he changed the battery !

Alistar you sir are Pure GOLD !!!

As all this is happening ? Time precious time was passing , I knew I’d never make on time to meet everyone waiting for me ? but by this time the signage installer , my fav blogger and everything else was set waiting for us ?

Couldn’t get the car washed which was needed so as my saviour A did the battery , I tried to spray detail the car , even my misses got into the action (I suck at roofs) and its 11:30 – BAM …. The Masa STARTS like a hungry beast , and I then have to clean up (I be sweating worse) than a one armed bricklayer in Baghdad , get dressed –

Now all this time ???

I’d been sending peter emails on what was happening , the first saying I am in trouble (when jumping didn’t work) and that I might not make it , which would be a disaster for all who had already left home , then more emails saying what I was doing , taxi was on the way , RACQ was coming back , masa started etc etc , every hour sending an update – cut a long story short ?

I was using his old email addy and he never got one – prolly blessed for that – with all the help from RACQ , EuroMarque & black and white taxis – with the worlds fastest time to get dressed and flying literally to the location ?

I was only 20 mins late and no one ever knew a thing !!!!

Who says God doesn’t look after fools like ME :-):-):-)

On arrival I was blown away with the SINN instruments , albeit I’d seen images on the net but that just didn’t do justice , and having Steve from 21 jewels.com to do the images of hand over and the interview , what an amazing person he is , wow , 4 hours spent that ?? included me buying peters SINN right off his wrist ?

How good is that !!

I saw it and said ? Now that’s the best SINN watch I’ve EVER seen , I won’t go into how I managed to buy (wrangle) it , safe to say , I was thrilled to have a SINN and one that just blows me away , not to mention the Provenience and DNA !!!

Well ….. Im really proud and blessed to have Define Watches and SINN onboard our attack on the Targa and know the auction for the instruments will bring us closer to our goal of raising $100,000.00 for the sporting wheelies and disabled association –

Danke and Thank You Lydia & Peter !

Made a partnership , got the most amazing auction rally specific instruments and ? I got a new (new – old as was 3 years on peters wrist) mind you ? SINN has a patented hardening process they use on titanium ?

It makes the surface 10 times harder than the original titanium and thus , close to impossible to scratch !!

Watch doesn’t have a single mark , and wow she’s a Cracka – life can be so pleasant sometimes can’t it !!!!

—– WHAT A DAY —–

Have a look at Steve’s work he has a GIFT TFS : 


Ok here’s some random images and some short video clips (had to cut them down to upload but sure you will see the BEAUTY Form and Functionality !!

First some image and some video I will like to replace , when doing was only to show the targa organizing so a lack of polish is an UNDERSTATEMENT , now I’ve packed them all up don’t want to open again , I drop too many things ugh :-(:-(








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