Thank you one and all a quick wrap up from Targa Tasmania 2016

Thank you one and all a quick wrap up from Targa Tasmania 2016

Just a quick one – starting to wake up after days in a coma – TT 2016 – we did it – got the shirt and the sunburn in Burnie (some will now fall to the ground and start laughing – but first advise all in your surrounding that soon you will fall from your chair and hit the ground in spasms and fits laughter – to the rest ? Be happy you don’t know what that means :-);-):-)

Thank you to all our community for my bday post & mails – read every one between stages in day 1 – thank you all so much to those who mostly PM me – and also on FB – man for a bloke who is a total NUMPTY with tech somehow I’m on FB now as well – really can’t believe that by buying a watch one day and finding this site – has changed my life so ? completely – the greatest blessing our father has ever given me is meeting all my mates and community on this site over the last 16 years – I don’t know where id be without this gift but I know it would have as half as much fun – totally – what we have here is special and priceless – most all of my best lifetime mates I’ve meet on risti – and many are no longer posting – or even into watches any more but we keep up when we can – next week tsunami san enters 7 C – boy oh boy am I going to mess him up – BAD – but he will at least leave with a new watch he builds himself – guess he is farked for service and quality control – ROTFLMAO – it’s things like this that the : so much more than just a watch part for me anyway – I’ve met tsunami a few times and I can attest to him being crazier than he looks in his sig post – but the BEST and most FUN bloke – I can’t wait – sheet we even have a loyalty program together – heck I don’t think when ever we met together ? if we speak one single word about a watch ? For sure NOT – the watch is a watch – but it’s what is behind and what comes to you in life through the watch and this community ? This is the MAGIC – quick GTG’s – long ones too argh – people helping people only because ? They want too ? Nothing in return ? We all believe in some form of code with each other ? It’s a place just full of passionate minded souls who if in need ? Will drop everything to help ?
I’ve only ever found that type of community once before , we may not always agree or get along that’s what it’s like with families – but we all can participate or ? Not and read only – but ask for help and you will get it – rare – why this place is home for me – the one constant in a world of ever change ?
Need help ? Ask for it ? And it’s Sorted – anytime , anyplace , that’s how you know your a real mate and brother – doesn’t matter what the time is or what else is happening – a mate needs help ? BAM we got your 6 !
Anyway how all this came to me because I was a watch wanker (my wife gave me that name) and I collected military and tool watches ? Then one day buying my first Panerai – posting here ? I will spend the rest of my life trying to thank as many mates and meet as many as I can , FORZA !!
How ? Blows my feeble Mind ;-);-);-)

Crashes are always like the train wrecks you just have to watch ? Well this one qualifies and be sure was only one of soooooo many !!!
Team Boss Mustang doing it In Style (Italian navigator mi amico mio –

Anyway here’s a start whilst I work on a TT 2016 Wrap Up – ASAP !!