The Next Fijian “Paralympian” Star >> comes to Sporting Wheelies >>>

The Next Fijian “Paralympian” Star >> comes to Sporting Wheelies >>>

Meet my new and lifetime brother : Leslie Tikotikoca

There I was just doing a training workout when it happened…

It hit me like a hammer , bam , there he was !!!


I sensed the moment I saw him and the second we spoke, God has picked him to inspire the world , and show them all that faith, family and heart will overcome everything !!!

A special moment for me , not often am I blown away by a stranger but to hear his story (hope to share it soon) is to know why he WILL win a medal in Rio, somehow. I just know it !!

In 2016 I will remember this moment :-):-):-)

He emailed me :

Bula Hammer,

I hope all is well with you. It’s been a while i wanted to thankyou for the time spend sharing your story really motivated me and has help me sharing stories to encourage people with disabilities in my community outreach programs.

It was a honor meeting you from our conversation u asked me to get in contact my apologies from the late reply i saw your website and amount of people helping raising the fast car. i was finding hard to get your contacts thankfully jenny send it over.

I have starting training again sticking the tips you shared during our Gym session on our visit to Brisbane for 2 weeks program.

Please find attached photos during our sharing hope is well and keep in touch. Once again thankyou to live a life its just about been postive mindset and being happy

Well now I have this connection and when you hear his story ??

You will know also, Leslie is SPECIAL, just one of those rare people if you’re lucky you get to meet in this life and you’re a better person for having done so :-):-)

I’m with you brother , I hope to share this journey with you on Incogo ;-);-);-)

Bula :-):-)