The PWF (New) Image Updates , THANK YOU >>>>

The PWF (New) Image Updates  , THANK YOU >>>>

What a GREAT EVENT :-):-)

The Property Wealth Forum GTG …

I was honored to have the opportunity to speak to these amazing people about wealth, health and happiness.  I take my hat off and tip it to them – a more enthusiastic and motivated group you will ever meet !!

Thanks for helping us share the dream towards the Targa and our fundraising Goal :-):-):-)

They help people to invest safely in real estate with a proven 10 year record of success. For anyone interested in property investment, I can only suggest they seek the help and advice of others to avoid the pitfalls and costly learning curve of doing things ourselves! Education and information empowers one to make good decisions , good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment. If you can get the good judgement, without the experience and costly learning curve as is the case with all of you here today ? You can’t lose.

That’s the MAGIC behind the PWF !

I’m acutely aware that anything can happen to anyone, at anytime and when it does, you need the right advice , support , information and education.  It takes the danger and guess work out of the life choices you will make on your personal journey to wealth, health and happiness !

THANKS for having me – what a GR8 Day , not just for us but also for Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association with a massive donation of over $3600 :-):-):-)










What a GR8 Day , Spent with positively the BEST people , motivated , educated and informed ? Hang on ? Wait a Minute ?

What was I doing there ;-);-);-)