The Wireless Accelerator

The new innovative AC2002 Wireless Satellite Accelerator has been designed to be used in any driving situation, giving maximum freedom of movement and precise acceleration.

Manufactured by Fadiel Italiana, the Wireless Satellite Accelerator demonstrates the pinnacle of innovation and build quality and can be fitted in any vehicle.

Total Ability has formed a close alliance with Fadiel Italiana and is the sole distributor in Australia and New Zealand for their products. Fadiel Italiana is renowned for their state of the art product development and in-house quality manufacturing.

Total Ability focus on providing the latest, most reliable, highest quality automotive driving aid products to the Australian and New Zealand markets. They know first-hand the challenges faced by people with physical disabilities and wish to make driving a safe and enjoyable experience. They offer both vehicle and product demonstrations to occupational therapists, driving instructors, installers and end-users.

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