Well I thought I better learn to drive again , and with the world’s 1st Fly By Wire hand controls!

Well I thought I better learn to drive again , and with the world’s 1st Fly By Wire hand controls!

I will go back ASAP and start with all we’ve done to date , but needless to say:

1/ learning to drive a car with your hand ? Not so easy 🙁
2/ learning to do it in a 460+ horsepower whip with spine wrenching torque ? Not so easy 🙁
3/ the blunder down under behind the wheel ? Ouffff that’s a hat trick of almost impossible endeavours 🙂

I still can NOT BELIEVE Maserati wanted to do this with me , Millie Grazie M8’s for all the Support 🙂

As my “Commander in Chief” (my wife) said to me:

IF you don’t bring him (our son and my navigator) home , “exactly” as he left, don’t come home EVER !!!

It’s one thing we will do together for the years I have left , as you will see I myself am paralysed below the armpits so it’s these memories I’ll take with me when I go .

Can you imagine, we will have to spend 11 days together stuck in the car all day , no doubt at times he will hate me and I’ll want to throttle him (laugh out loud ) BUT we have to learn to work together to be competitive! When I’m gone, these days will be some of the best memories he will have of us together , that for me is priceless 🙂

On Targa events his role is critical , he has to learn how to read stage leg routes in real time , use the sat nav , operate the gps systems , communicate to me about the road ahead . I can’t see around the corners and he will need to direct the length of a corner , apex to go for and the speed needed , etc etc.  I just point the car towards raising money for people with disabilities who are cared for by Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association – a great Brisbane organisation –  oh, and hopefully towards the finish line !

So with that onboard I’ve started training to be able to drive … FAST and SAFE … My driving coach and trainer of champions (and blunders) Paul Stokel has his hands full TFS !!! Thanks Paul , M8 only you would consider such a task !! Are you CRAZY :-):-)

I’ll cover those steps I’ve taken in more detail but it started with a skid pan day where we went around a diesel coated skid pan learning how to slide the car with (limited at this stage) control and moreover be able to recover from possible catastrophic situations . After the first 10 laps I noticed something…

Paul was breathing so hard. I said “Mate, what’s up with that, you’re fit as?” He replied “I just spent the last 10 laps holding you from pushing me out of the car!” Bugger, better get a harness ASAP. With no control of my body below the armpits, it seems that driving fast and spinning all over the place my body was also , all over the car including his seat , only my hands were in the driving position , the rest was every which way. Tended to look like I’m in a washing machine on high speed spin cycle , you know the ones you look in through the inspection window? Well that’s what it would have looked like if you could see inside the car!

eBay had a wicked group deal on a gopro camera I can mount in the car and on the car , so can’t wait to share images and moving footage of everything , my ultimate goal is to bring


Come on, who hasn’t wanted to do something like this ?? Well prolly a few I can think of , Eng for example might not enjoy it so much LAUGH OUT LOUD 🙂

I’ve had my first track day , again the analogy of spin cycle was repeated but also the feeling of just what it feels like to be able to drive a car with both hands on the wheel (almost 8 years since I’d done that) and FAST 🙂 I’ll do my next track day as per below , need to get as many track and training days as possible , this is the most excited I’ve been since the accident and the one thing I’m getting back? The ability to actually drive a car with 2 hands on the wheel rather than one on the wheel and the other using brake and accelerate levers under the dash.  I’ve gone from a car being transport to a car I can drive , it’s a dream come true :-):-)

This is sure going to be some journey and if YOU would be willing,