Well it’s finally time – after 2 years tomorrow we start the journey to TGBR >>

Well it’s finally time – after 2 years tomorrow we start the journey to TGBR >>

Won’t go into details but last year was so close to my last – 2nd worst of my life TFS – I just can’t believe the magic rainman who saved my life after a surgery 2016/17 that went pear shaped and numerous fungi organisms invaded my body they (hospital) rang the family 3 times to get the kids and any family and come in like NOW – today may end badly – at one stage I could feel it was close but compared to 2 of my best mates I was lucky – blessed – nothing in comparison – and thanks to one man Professor XXXX WIXXXY who slowly killed the fungi whilst keeping me alive – over a long period – during the year spent 95% of it in bed weather at hospital or home and I thought I’d never be able to do a Targa Tarmac Rally again 

But with help and some luck Nov 24th saw somewhat of a “Miracle” happen in a very spiritual way – thus a HUGE surgery scheduled in jan 2018 was postponed and I’ve gone from strength to strength I thought if I started back training and could get 100 three hour sessions in by the time the targa started I could be physically ready – yesterday hit 125 and I feel strength and fitness wise I’m ready 

Mentally ?

Lmao (I’m such a numpty) well that’s another thing I haven’t driven much for 2 years and last targa was back in 2016 so the “Metric of Success” this time ? is to just ease into it you can’t practice this type of endurance race driving they don’t call it the most grueling most dangerous motor sport in the world for nothing – so we (father and son team on our 8th targa) plan to come dead last and take no risks we just WANT to cross the finish line and tick the box ✅

Well the journey start as the sun rises I haven’t been so excited in 2 years 

Will try to keep some updates and blogs but adding the @6 hours a day to maintain my disability aside the massive race km’s and 12 hour in the car days so will do my best maybe my son could actually do something aside falling asleep 

Thanks so much to all my mates friends family who supported me through last year and kept me fighting – love you all ♿️

Cairns here we come >>>> ♿️