What a GR8 night with so many “inspiring” Rotarians >>>

What a GR8 night with so many “inspiring” Rotarians >>>

What amazed me tonight was meeting a group of passionate people who give time, money, effort, energy…you name it they give it.

Just to make their community a better place :-):-)

An honour for me , thank you so much to David Gardner and the Logan Rotarians , U Rock :-):-)


David is able to use Facebook (I’m still trying) , but his post below was so kind, and again , a real honour ;-):-)

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David wrote: “Tonight we were joined by members of the Logan Rotaract Club to hear the inspiring story of Alan C Bloore or Hammer as he is known. He told us about the importance of goals and working towards achieving them. Truly inspiring. Hammer is competing in the 2015 Targa Tasmania to raise funds for Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association. He will be driving a customised Maserati Stradale using special hand controlled technology. Great car, great technology. A wonderful, wonderful night.”
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