What’s a ?? Track Gymkhana >>>

What’s a ?? Track Gymkhana >>>

U beauty , another 2 days of track action but the 2 couldn’t have been any different 😉

The first was last Sat when I did a gymkhana. Never done anything like that before , was all about PRECISION with 3 different short circuits and a garage where you had to park and stop on a line exactly, penalties for hitting slalom cones or hitting the garage walls or sides 🙁

The gymkhana was done on a very small track that had a skid pad circle which was wet and over the 3 different circuit combinations a lot of precision and skill was needed, more so than speed. Great training and again unlike any driving I’ve done to date :-):-)


Also for the first time I have a harness installed in the car so now my body doesn’t land in the passenger seat when I make a right hand turn , what a difference it made to keep me in the seat :-):-):-)

Wow …. Learning so much about driving , and driving both fast and safe … The gymkhana added more precision and the more I do the more I understand , I’ve got a LONG way to go ;-);-);-)

Some of the track circuits for the Day >>>




Gymkhana >>>






So much FUN but so much concentration (not too good at that) >>>



Burn Pirelli Burn >>>