With another Track Day LOOMING >>>

With another Track Day LOOMING >>>

Massive Week Ahead :-):-)

Goal is to have the new race wheels and rims fitted 🙂
Goal is to have the zero out throttle micro switch bypassed for track days 🙂
Goal is to have the new 4 point safety harness fitted 🙂
Goal is to get the world’s cheapest 3 layer flame suit 🙂

Now I can press HARDER on track rims & tyres
Now I will be able to use brake and throttle together
Now I can hold my body in place instead of being in a tumble dryer
Now I can keep the 15% of my body with feeling safe if the worst happens

Yep …… Massive week :-):-)

If I can get all the aforesaid done by Friday night, it’s a 2 hour drive to Morgan Park International Raceway near Warwick for another Paul Stokel training day :-):-)

Fingers crossed the stars align ;-);-);-)

Ya gotta love eBay >>> World’s CHEAPEST 3 Layer Flame Suit >>>>


World’s CHEAPEST RIMS , best offer accepted $600 (in exchange for signage on the Massa) :-):-):-)