WOWOWOWOWOW WE DID IT $109, 525.45 >>>>

WOWOWOWOWOW WE DID IT $109, 525.45 >>>>

It’s finally …. DONE – The “Journey” that started over a year and a half ago has reached the end for the 2014/15 race season , and the goal of raising $100,000.00 for the “Sporting Wheelies & Disabled Association” ???

Has been EXCEEDED !!!!!

We have raised @$110,000.00 …………. OMG :-):-)

Please do have a look around the site at the end of this post , and be sure to go to the “Journal” page and if you have time read the post at the TOP – it pretty much says it all – there’s allot of posts from the very start on the journal , all the way till today – and some KOOL images in the photo gallery amongst the highs and lows – of which there was BOTH , if you can spare some time have a look at all the pages and posts , also the member profiles on the association page !!

Punch me – we did it – still can’t believe it $$$$$$$$

Now I must set about thanking each and everyone who helped from those who could only donate $2 to a couple that donated $20,000.00 – Without the Risti M8’s to HELP , we could never have done it – I’ll come back to that , but for now just a HUGE “Thank You” – on behalf of the SW – and all the disabled members who get so very little , but NOW ?? Have got just a little bit MORE !!!

I’ve seen the money at work already , more equipment , more services and resources , more staff and help – what we have done has indeed changed life’s – and what we have done together has changed even more – what could be better than that ?

It’s priceless – to one and all ??

THANKS M8’s ……. Still can’t believe it – we did it – BOOYAA – 

Check out the back story and why I just couldn’t sit back and watch it happen without needing to HELP >>>

Then just one of the posts along the Way >>>

Life can’t get any better than this ???

 Virtus Tentamine Gaudet